About Us

We are the cast of Lions Led by Donkeys, a podcast about human disasters throughout history—mostly military, but some civilian! The show is the creation of author, researcher, and historian Joe Kassabian, and now includes Nate Bethea and Tom O'Mahony in producer and cohost roles.

The show began in 2018 and is available on all podcast platforms. We also offer bonus content on Patreon, where $5 USD a month gets you access to all previously published bonus content, a free ebook of Joe's novel THE HOOLIGANS OF KANDAHAR, and three new bonus episodes per month.

Order fulfillment is handled in-house and is not drop-shipped. We supply garments from a reliable UK wholesaler and have them printed via a commercial press in Bath, England. We then pack and ship them from our recording studio in London. Nate and Tom will personally inspect and pack each item to make sure there are no defects.